These 5 gallon water containers will keep clean water safe for a year. Actually, pure water kept in a sealed container will still be pure water forever. But don't take chances; refill your supply a couple of times every year. These containers are light enough to throw in your car in an evacuation, and 5 gallons will keep 1 person alive for 5 days.  It is recommended that you keep enough emergency supplies to survive for 2 weeks. 3 containers per person in your home will provide enough clean drinking water for all. We can also help you buy larger water systems, and learn how to purify water that may be unclean.


These items are bulk-purchased. This means we take orders until we can purchase a bulk lot of 64. By purchasing hundreds, we are able to get a much better price, and we pass that price to you. WPV-Ready makes nothing on the sale of these items.


These 5 Gallon Water Containers are the same ones that can be purchased online for about $24 each.  They are called "Samson Stackers." They are BPA-free.  We can offer them to our residents for $17 each.

Here are a couple of important documents.

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