These first aid kits have been designed by medical and emergency response experts in our district to be appropriate to treat the kinds of injuries we are likely to see here, especially in the aftermath of an earthquake. They have less of the "filler items" and more of the useful items than you will find in other kits selling for much more. These are great kits for a family. Get two and you can keep one in the car.


NOTE: We are currently out of stock. But you can send us an email and get on the waitlist. We will tell you the moment they are ready to order. Just click here: ADD ME TO THE WAITLIST.


This document tells you the details of the kit contents. 


An important part of owning this kit is knowing how to use it.  And the first step there is getting familiar with the contents, and getting them organized.  This guide by Dr. Vicki Coe will help you do just that.

Please download this document, and organize your First Aid Kit. 


You can watch a video of this material on our YouTube channel. 


And here are some great videos on specific topics of interest.

How to use a triangular bandage to make a sling.

How to use a tourniquet.

What is a SAM splint good for? Why do we recommend it?

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