These first aid kits have been designed by medical and emergency response experts in our district to be appropriate to treat the kinds of injuries we are likely to see here, especially in the aftermath of an earthquake. They have less of the "filler items" and more of the useful items than you will find in other kits selling for much more. These are great kits for a family. Get two and you can keep one in the car.


There will be a class where you can get detailed training on the use of all materials in this kit.  We don't have it on the schedule just yet, but if you buy the kit, you will be on the mailing list when we announce the classes.


Scheduled Pick-Up Days


By arrangement at Chip's Place.  Chip lives at 210 Crest Road in Woodside.

Send an email to and Chip will arrange a time with you.

Include your phone number, please.

First Aid Kits AND 5-Gallon Water Containers will be available.


The Ready Family First Aid Kit contains the following items.

General Supplies  
  Trauma Sheers 1
  Kelly Forceps, 5.5" straight 1
  Splinter Tweezers (Fine Point Forceps) 1
  Gloves, Latex-Free Small Pair 3
  Gloves, Latex-Free Large Pair 3
  Goggles 1
  N95 Mask 1
  Seatbelt Cutter 1
  Abdominal Wound Combine Pad, Sterile, 5" x 9" 3
  4" x 4" Non-Sterile Gauze 10
  4" x 4" Sterile Gauze, Individually Wrapped 8
  Assorted Bandaids 15
  Betadine Solution Wipes 5
  Betadine Swabs 5
  Betadine Solution Bottles, 8oz 2
  Alcohol Prep Pads 4
  2" Sterile Gauze Roll 1
  3" Sterile Gauze Roll 1
  6" Sterile Gauze Roll 1
  Sterile Saline for Irrigation, 100 ml Cup 3
  Irrigation Bulb 1
  Ophthalmic Solution, 4oz Screw Cap Bottle 2
  4" Kerlix Latex-Free Roll 2
  4" Coban Latex-Free Roll 2
  1" Transpore Tape Roll 2

Antibiotic Oinment Tube

  Tourniquet 1
  1/2" Steristrips, 6 Per Package 2
  Eye Pads 2
  4" x 4" Sterile Gauze, Individually Wrapped 5
  Burnshield 1/8 oz Sachets 6
  4" x 4" Burnshield Dressing 1
  36" SAM Splint Roll 1
  Ace Wraps 4" x 5 yd 2
  Sling / Triangular Bandage 4
  Mylar Thermal Blanket 2
  Instant-Ice Compress 2
  Glucose Gel, 15 gm Pack 1
  Smelling Salts (Ammonia Inhalant) Ampoules 8
  Bee Sting Pads 2
  Benzocaine Spray 1


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