What is in a Go-Bag?


Everything you need to get through 2 or 3 days when you cannot get into your home, plus some things you might need to get your life back on track in case your home is damaged or destroyed.

We start with a simple kit (from Amazon.com), and add some things to it.  You will want to add a copy of your important financial documents, passports, account numbers and so forth, a few days of any medications you take, a copy of your family’s emergency communications plan, and some extra equipment like good batteries and a knife. And keep a photo of each family member and pet, to make it easier to find each other. Keep a physical copy in your Go Bag, and an electronic copy on a USB drive or "in the cloud." We will help you with every step.

A typical 1-Person Go-Bag you can buy online has the following contents.

  • - LED Headlamp
  • - LED Glow Sticks
  • - Wristband with LED Light and Whistle
  • - Mini Lantern
  • - 3 Full Day Food Bars and 9 Water Pouches
  • - Waste Disposal Bags and 2 Tissue Packs
  • - 1 Mylar Blanket
  • - 3 8-Hour Hand Warmers
  • - 1 Poncho
  • - 1 Tubular Bandana (warm up / cool down)
  • - 46-Piece First Aid Kit
  • - 1 Pair of Utility Gloves
  • - Duct Tape
  • - Extra Batteries
  • - Keep-It-Safe Pouch

Add to that a few personal items, like a few sets of underwear and a roll of toilet paper.  Think about the things you won't have if they aren't in your go-bag.  Then put a few days of those things in your go-bag.


It is VERY easy to get started.  Just buy a starter kit, and start thinking about it.  Have fun with it.  Ask yourself, “what do I want with me if I can’t get home?”  Then put those things in your Go-Bag.


Next, think about having a Go-Bag in your car, in case you can't get home to even grab the Go-Bag there.


And imagine you have to evacuate.

  • If you have 10 minutes or less, grab the Go-Bag and go.
  • If you have 2 hours, what else will you grab?
  • If you have more time, what else will you grab?

Make a list of each of these things, so you are not trying to figure out what to take at the last minute, with a wildfire burning near, your pets and children frightened. You will probably grab the wrong things if you don't have a list.


Go-Bag Buying Shortcuts

All of the items on this page are available on Amazon.com.
Just click on an image to open its page at Amazon.
Then fill your shopping cart and check out as usual.


NOTE that we are not recommending any specific products. We are showing products that are representative of their kind. The products we do show have been used by staff, and found acceptable. Your exerience may be different. We strongly encourage everyone to do their own research, and become familiar with each type of product you buy. There are always new products coming on the market, and over time there are improvements.


Think about whether you should have a Go-Bag at work too. And it's a good idea to have a kit with the basics in your car at all times.

  Select the Go-Bag that suits your taste.
  Go-Bag 2 Person
  Go-Bag Option - More Rugged, Flexible, Options  
  A Go-Bag in your car makes sense too.
  The following items are recommended too.
  Better Batteries AA
  Better Batteries AAA
  Good Knife
  Life Straw
  Charger with Battery
  (Get 3 or 4 of these.)
  Solar Panel Charger

  And a couple of these in the house will make sure you get alerts.
  Alert Radio
  Hand/Solar Powered Monitor Radio





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