No need to wait for our classes.  Now you can get that good information online, on our YouTube Channel.

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The following are recurring meetings that are held by Zoom.


All residents of the Woodside Fire Protection District are welcome to attend.


WPV-Ready Committee Meeting

(was Operations/Logistics Committee Meeting)

Second Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm

In a recent Board Meeting, the Operations Committee was renamed to be the WPV-Ready Committee, and the Logistics Committee was dissolved.  Now we have the one thing to focus on here, WPV-Ready.  The WPV-CERT program has its own team that meets, see below.


WPV-Ready DL / Leadership Subcommittee Meeting

First Thursday of every third month at 7:00 pm

December 3 is the next meeting.  Then every March, June, September, December.


CERPP Board Meeting
    CERPP is our "Parent Corporation"

Third Wednesday of each month at 5:30

    Next meeting on Wednesday, October 21

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To see the Events for WPV-CERT,  visit the WPV-CERT Events page.