Prepare for WILDFIRE.
Prepare for EARTHQUAKE.
Prepare for SEVERE STORM.
Prepare with WPV-Ready.     Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Are YOU prepared?

   For an earthquake, a fire, or a major storm?


Welcome to WPV-Ready. We exist to help you get prepared, and stay prepared.  If you live within the Woodside Fire Protection District (WFPD), you are part of the WPV-Ready community.


WPV-Ready provides organization, education, and resources to help all our neighbors be prepared for a broad range of disasters. And through our emergency response organization, WPV-CERT, we provide materials, resources and training for an effective response when disaster strikes. Learn more about WPV-Ready here...


Being prepared starts with YOU.


Prepare yourself, your family and your home with some basic steps.  Create a "defensible space" around it so it won't burn easily.  Make sure you have enough fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, and that they work well.  Know how to get out of your house safely.  Make sure the family knows how to find each other in a disaster.  Put together some basic kits of things you really don't want to have to find in the dark, in a hurry.  WPV-Ready will help you organize all of this, and make it simple.  Think of the time it takes as the least expensive insurance you'll ever buy.


Learn more about personal, family and home preparedness here...


Being prepared includes your NEIGHBORS.


When disaster strikes, the first thing you do is check yourself, your family, and your home. Of course. The next most important resource is your neighbors. WPV-Ready is organized as a collection of "Ready Communities." Each of those communities has 2 or more Community Leaders who help coordinate events, distribute information, and collect feedback about the needs in their community. WPV-Ready works with neighborhoods to build a community that is prepared to support each other in an emergency. "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" is the WPV-Ready motto. With a bit of training, education and personal consulting, a neighborhood can take care of most small problems before they become big problems. And remember, during a disaster your neighbors might be the only support you will see for hours or days.


Learn more about neighborhood preparedness here...


Being prepared takes a COMMUNITY.


WPV-Ready builds a community of neighbors, prepared for emergencies. It starts with you and your neighborhood. Neighborhoods work together in what we call "Ready Communities" of various sizes. Communities share resources and skills. WPV-Ready works through our "response organization," WPV-CERT, to provide training and resources for volunteers to actually respond during an emergency.  CERT Teams trained in disaster communications, medical operations, search and rescue, and other vital skills are able to provide these services, neighbor to neighbor, during those first hours and days of a disaster, when normal services will be unavailable.


Learn more about our community preparedness here...


STEP 1: Register with SMC Alert.


SMC Alert is the primary source for emergency alert information in the area covered by WPV-Ready.  SMC Alert lets you select the areas that you want to get alerts for, the types of alerts you want to get, and whether you want them sent by text message, voice message, and/or email.


If you are not signed up for SMC Alert, the one thing we ask you to do for your own safety, right now, is sign up for SMC Alert.


Sign up now or login at


If you signed up for SMC Alert before 2017, and have not logged in for a while, you should login and refresh your settings.  A lot has been added. If you have trouble logging in, just create a new account.


Learn more about emergency alerts here...


STEP 2: Join the WPV-Ready Team.


Register on this website to get access to tools that will with your Emergency Preparedness to-do list..

Please register now...


Join the discussion list to get announcements, and ask the community for advice and help.

Visit the group... Discussions on Groups.IO


You can find your local WPV-Ready Leaders with the Find My Leaders tool.

Go to the Find My Leaders tool...


If you don't already have a neighborhood group organized, let us help you set it up.  Or just get in touch with us to get more help with your personal preparedness.

Go to the Connect page to get in touch with WPV-Ready...


STEP 3: Be prepared!


You can put as little or as much effort as you like into emergency preparedness. It takes very little to cover your basic needs. But if you do nothing, then the day a major earthquake hits, or you need to evacuate in front of a fire, you will have to make up your response on the spot. And that's a very bad day. Worse than it has to be. With just a bit of planning now, you can save yourself a world of loss later.


WPV-Ready exists to help you, and all our neighbors, get through that "worst day ever" with a minimum of pain and loss. No matter where you want to start, or how far you want to take it, WPV-Ready will help you every step of the way.


Now you have been warned. If you will take it seriously, we will make it fun to BE PREPARED.



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Don't miss our partners, WPV-CERT. WPV-CERT is all about Emergency Response through a trained volunteer program. Find out more on the website at WPV-CERT.Org.

The site you are at now, WPV-Ready, is about building a level of Emergency Preparedness for every resident, now, before disaster strikes.


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