Learn how to evacuate before you NEED to evacuate.

The last thing you want to worry about when it comes time to evacuate is... how to evacuate.  Here are the basics.
You can download a PDF of this material (summarized) from our Downloads page: http://wpv-ready.org/Learn/Downloads
And you can watch our video of a class session that covers evacuation for more tips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfSMKRAf7_o


Stay Informed


If evacuation orders or warnings are given in our area, they will be sent out officially over SMC Alert.
The status of each evacuation zone in our area can be seen on the Zonehaven website.


Get more details on our Stay Informed page: http://WPV-Ready.org/Learn/Basics/Stay-Informed


Make a Plan


The best time to figure out what to do in an emergency is long before the emergency. So make a plan now, that includes emergency contact information, ways to find family members if you cannot get home, things to take when you evacuate.

Get more details on our Make a Plan page: http://WPV-Ready.org/Learn/Basics/Make-a-Plan


Get a Go-Bag


This is a pre-packed kit of essentials that you might need to grab as you leave your house in a hurry. It will make the next few days tolerable, and it will keep you connected to your affairs.


Get more details on our Get a Go-Bag page: http://WPV-Ready.org/Learn/Basics/Get-a-Go-Bag


Evacuate Early


What are you waiting for? If you think there might be an evacuation in the next few days, why not leave now and be safe somewhere comfortable, with your family and your pets?Leave early and leave often. It is MUCH better than leaving late just once. Most deaths in wildfires are people who left too late.

You have to understand, if wildfire is going to burn through your neighborhood, there is no way to change its mind. It is too big. There is far too much energy involved. The only way you will be able to tell the story years from now is if you are NOT THERE when the fire gets there.

We ask, and beg, P.L.E.A.S.E., Please Leave Early And Save Everyone.

Plan now, and live to tell about it later.  On the back you will find a lot of tips that are simple life savers.


Here are some tips to keep you calm and controlled in an evacuation.


To do today:

    Make sure you have done the 3 big items: Register with SMC Alert, make a plan, get a Go-Bag.
    Know and practice ALL the ways out of your area. Drive them at night too.
    Keep a “what to grab, what to do” list. If you only have 5 minutes, what do you grab/do? If you have 15 minutes? If you have a few hours? If you wait until an evacuation, you will grab and do the wrong things.
    Know how to open your garage and/or gate if power fails.
    Get in the habit of filling your car's gas tank when it is 1/2 full.  You don't want to be almost empty if you need to evacuate.


When evacuation seems likely, or a warning has been issued:

    Move flammables away from the house.
    Attach hoses, leave ladders against roof for responders.
    Check neighbors who are known to have special needs.
    Check evacuation buddies, grab their stuff if they are away from home. Contact your out-of-area contacts; tell them your plans.
    Keep pets under control, in the house.
    Park your car facing outward. Open electric gates and/or garage doors. Get your Go-Bags and other items by the door or in the car.
    When in doubt, leave early.  (Is it time to leave?  Yes.)


When evacuating:

    Close windows and doors, skylights and drapes, but do not lock up. Firefighters might need quick access to the inside of your home.
    DO close all doors inside your home. If fire does start to burn in one room, this will slow its spread.
    Shut off natural gas and propane, automatic generators, battery/fuel cell systems. Leave lights on for responders.
    DO NOT leave sprinklers or other water running. Firefighters will need all the water pressure they can get.
    DO NOT RETURN once you leave under an evacuation order, until that order has been lifted.
    Do not block roadways.
    Follow evacuation orders, especially regarding routes and destinations.
    Remember that an evacuation order means LEAVE NOW. Do not stop to help others, or to do "one last thing." All of that should be done before an evacuation order is given.


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