Prepared individuals organize into prepared neighborhoods.  And neighborhoods organize into larger groups.  Within our fire district, 25 "divisions" are defined, grouped into several larger "branches."  You can find your division and branch information with our FIND MY LEADERS tool.  You can see maps of all divisions on that page too. Divisions are useful for organizing preparedness efforts.  The larger Branches are primarily focused on managing response efforts.


We also depend on the Woodside Fire Protection District, the towns of Portola Valley and Woodside, and San Mateo County for support and resources both in preparing for and responding to emergencies. We also have ties to resources at the state and federal levels.


During an emergency, teams from WPV-CERT, the "response side" of our organization, will go to work to coordinate all of these resources for an effective response, saving lives and minimizing property damage.  Information gathered from our neighborhoods will be used to focus appropriate responses from town, county, state and federal responders.


The more involved you are at any level of this organization, the better we will all be when the dust settles, smoke clears, and wounds heal.


It all starts with you.  Be prepared individually.  When disaster strikes, make sure YOU are OK first.  Then take care of your family.  Then check on your neighbors.  Then check in with your neighborhood leaders.  Starting with prepared individuals, we can build a network of emergency response very quickly.  The more time we spend building a community of prepared individuals, the better prepared the whole community becomes.

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