WPV-Ready helps you get the basic materials you need for emergency preparedness. We do this in two ways. We organize bulk purchases of some items; you can sign up for the next purchase and we will update you as we purchase and prepare the lot for distribution. We also identify items you can purchase online, and publish lists here where you can click on an item and order it from the online vendor.


As with all online shopping, we cannot guarantee the lowest price or best features for every item. New and better products appear constantly, and prices change or items go on sale somewhere. What we can guarantee is that we have bought some of them already and tested them, and found them to be good products at a good price. Our aim is to help you avoid all the decisions and options and false claims you will find surrounding many of these product types online.


Ready Family First Aid Kits - Bulk Purchased

These medical kits are "punched up" first aid kits, similar to what you can find online from many sources. But these have been tuned to be more appropriate to use in an emergency. We have taken out some things you would not need, and added some things that are usually missing or under-supplied. These are great kits for a family. Get two and you can keep one in the car.

NOTE: This product will be available again soon.


5 Gallon Water Containers - Bulk Purchased

These 5 gallon water containers will keep clean water safe for a year. Actually, pure water kept in a sealed container will still be pure water forever. But don't take chances; refill your supply a couple of times every year. These containers are light enough to throw in your car in an evacuation, and 5 gallons will keep 1 person alive for 5 days.  It is recommended that you keep enough emergency supplies to survive for 2 weeks. So 3 containers per person in your home will provide enough clean drinking water for all. We can also help you buy larger water systems, and learn how to purify water that may be unclean.

NOTE: This product will be available again soon.




A Go-Bag is a backpack or similar container you can pick up quickly as you evacuate. If you have only minutes to get out of your home, the Go-Bag is the first thing you want to grab. We have selected some good, usable Go-Bags, and some extra items you will want to put in them.

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